Why Are Aries Attracted To Cancer? (ASTROLOGERS EXPLAIN)

‘Why are Aries attracted to Cancer?’ is one of the most asked astrology questions.

In astrology, Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, while Cancer is a water sign by the Moon.

Made of opposing natural elements and ruled by planets with different qualities, it seems unlikely that these two zodiac signs would get along.

Personality-wise, there are differences as well; Aries is daring, ambitious, and explorative, whereas Cancer is emotional, nurturing, and homey.


Why Are Aries Attracted To Cancer

Despite the many differences, there’s often a profound attraction between the Aries and Cancer zodiac signs.

Why Are Aries Attracted To Cancer

The combination of water and fire elements creates steam; hence this relationship match is always passionate and sensual.

“Aries are attracted by Cancer’s emotional sensitivity, wanting to protect them, while the Cancer natives admire Aries’s brave nature and capacity to express emotions”

explains Emma Howarth, horoscope columnist at Glamour UK.

In this article, we’ll find out ‘why are Aries attracted to Cancer?‘ by detailing Aries and Cancer’s attraction and emotional compatibility, communication, friendship, love, sexuality, marriage, and more.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

To understand why Aries is attracted to Cancer, LARA Media Group surveyed 173 couples.

The survey revealed the two sign’s compatibility in six categories: Friendship, Love, MARRIAGE, Emotional Connection, Communication Level, and Sex.

Here are the results in detail:

Aries and Cancer Friendship

The Aries and the Cancer friendship is a union of opposing astral and material forces.

In astrology, Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, while Cancer is a water sign by the Moon; Aries is male, and Cancer is female.

And just as opposites attract, Aries’ brave and fiery nature is attracted by the Cancer’s innate sensitivity, feeling drawn to defend and protect them.

Driven by a bold nature, Aries natives express emotions without fear, something that Cancer sing won’t be able to do but admires greatly.

When they trust each other emotionally, Aries and Cancer signs can form great friendships.

Equally, both parties are great communicators but must learn to let the other one finish sentences.

Easier said than done because both Aries and Cancer signs have an uncontrollable impulse to cut each other’s conversation short and push their point toward acceptance.

Even when trying to have fruitful conversations, in the back of their mind Aries and Cancer signs battle for attention and to win the argument.

Aries and Cancer Love

In astrology, Cancer individuals are sensitive but caring, family-oriented, and drawn to domestic surroundings.

Loving and being loved is paramount to the Cancer folks. However, Cancerians’ sensitive nature can become an excessive desire for partner possession.

Similarly, those born under the sign of Aries have a dominant facet that matches Cancer’s desire to possess and be possessed.

While the extroverted character of Aries and the timidity of Cancer are compatible, the Cancerian in the partnership risks being dominated by the Aries.

The two signs have numerous differences, but if they make an effort to understand one another, these differences won’t be a problem, and they will be able to create Aries and Cancer compatibility.

Aries and Cancer Marriage

While Aries and Cancer could have excellent compatibility, marriage-wise, it will not occur overnight.

Of all zodiac signs, the Cancer sign folks are the most dedicated and faithful of all.

Cancer will lavish their marriage with love and attention because seeing their partners happy is all that matters.

Driven by unparalleled loyalty, Cancer folks will go to significant lengths to ensure their partners feel cherished and appreciated.

However, for the marriage matching to work, Aries must learn to refrain from exerting pressure on Cancer.

Aries and Cancer Emotional Connection

While Cancer is one of the most emotionally intense zodiac signs, Aries can be, at times, “emotionally detached.”

That is not because Aries is incapable of feeling emotions, but as a fire sign dominated by Mars, Aries conveys emotions in the physical realm as zeal, passion, and bold actions.

To Aries sign folks, exhibiting a soft, emotional side is a sign of weakness.

In cases where Aries knows how to let the guard down and show vulnerability to the Cancer partner, strong emotional links are formed.

Cancer and Aries are also known as the zodiac’s most emotionally reactive and even impulsive signs.

Aries tend to explode via fight-or-flight moments, whereas Cancer shows aggressivity from an unfulfilled heart and unchecked emotions.

Cancer must validate Aries’ right to be vulnerable, and Aries must validate Cancer’s capacity to be courageous and protective of their property.

Aries and Cancer Communication Level

Communication is the greatest challenge for Aries and Cancer signs.

Because Aries is a Mars-ruled fire sign, the natives of this sign act more than communicate.

Cancer, on the other hand, also faces communication difficulties, but in a different manner.

As a sensitive sign who takes things personally, the directness and bluntness of Aries are off-putting to Cancer.

According to ancient astrology, water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) are mute and lack forward communication skills.

However, healthy communication is a significant predictor of success in any relationship, whether business, friendship, or love.

If the communication is poor, the Cancer partner will struggle to communicate desires and needs, while Aries will grow upset and lost.

Aries and Cancer Sex

According to astrology, Cancer sign folks are some of the most caring individuals, family-oriented, and attracted to a domestic environment.

Cancerians are also very sensitive and can get a bit more possessive sometimes.

On the other hand, Aries sign natives are extroverted, explorative, bold, and tend to take over their love relationships.

As such, the two signs have many apparent dissimilarities.

However, the outgoing nature of Aries and the shyness of Cancer match, as often, Cancerians appreciate Aries dominating nature in love and desire to be in charge.

While Aries takes relationship charge, Cancer supports the match with a sweet and savory kind of love comprising lots of kisses and cuddles.

However, despite enjoying Aries’ dominating approach, Cancer’s natives often cannot showcase it in a concrete, externalized way.

The lack of signs might make the Aries sign think that the Cancer is not interested in exploring extreme activities – often sex-related – and prevent them from initiating any related activities.

Similar Questions to Why Are Aries Attracted To Cancer

Can Aries Fall in Love With Cancer?

Aries finds Cancer’s sensitive and emotional side very attractive and will seek ways to protect and support them. Aries fire sign matches with what water Cancer sign to the point of creating steam, so love and passion are always in the cards, as long as they understand how to support and understand one another.

Are Aries and Cancer Good in Bed?

Aries and Cancer have one of the best “in bed” compatibilities, thanks to Aries’s fiery and exploratory nature and Cancer’s desire to please no matter what.

Can Aries and Cancer be Soulmates?

With Aries finding Cancer very attractive, the match has massive potential for a soulmate-level relationship if both zodiac signs work on communicating, overcoming emotional dramas, and showcasing vulnerability when needed.

Can a Cancer and Aries Relationship Work?

The Cancer and Aries relationship works exceptionally well as long as both partners understand they’re on the same side of the barricade, with Cancer creating love and emotional comfort while Aries is out there fighting in the physical realm for protection and resources.


With Aries finding Cancer very attractive, the match has massive potential for a long-lasting relationship if both zodiac signs are ready to work on overcoming emotional dramas and becoming more vulnerable.

Both zodiac signs are goal-oriented and possess the passion and flow to keep each other captivated for eternity and beyond.

Equally capable of moving mountains and nurturing great families, both signs must learn to feel comfortable accepting the other person for what they are.

The emotional and sensitive Cancer can always sense insecurity and provide Aries with great emotional support whenever needed.

On the negative side, both signs are hard to compromise.

Cancer can become possessive, limiting Aries from exploring and doing what they love, while Aries can become temperamental and ranty.

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